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Lighthouse Development Consulting

Lighthouse is an independent consultancy born from substantial experience, that provides tailored planning & development services, primarily for the clean-tech and renewables sector.


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Lighthouse tasked Design Tribe with creating an approachable new brand identity in tune with the renewables sector in the UK. They emphasised the need for a simple yet flexible brand framework, one that could easily adapt across touch points, and expand alongside their evolving services and future growth ambitions.


We designed a clean and precise brand and website that reflect the accuracy and attention to detail required in the planning process, and showcases the delicate balance between innovation and location.

In an age where digital presence dominates, Lighthouse values the power of personal connections. Their high-quality, strikingly branded business cards reflect the importance of impactful, tangible interactions in today’s networking landscape.

Lighthouse’s bespoke umbrella stands as a testament to smart branding beyond the digital realm—ensuring their professional image shines, even on the rainiest of site visits. This practical piece underscores the firm’s attention to detail and brand consistency in all client interactions.

We selected the font Cabinet Grotesk Extrabold for the main wordmark. The brand’s voice required a blend of modernity and utility, striking a balance between credibility and approachability. Cabinet Grotesk stood out as the ideal choice, with its sleek and minimalist design subtly infused with unique traits, enhancing the brand’s distinctiveness and recall value.

We chose photography that not only depicts the transformative journey towards net zero but also embody a profound respect for the environment—a core value of Lighthouse. Through this lens, we convey the consultancy’s dedication to fostering sustainable advancements, illustrating the foresight and responsibility embedded in their mission.

Design Tribe harnessed the power of WordPress CMS to deliver a sleek, user-friendly website, with a sharp focus on case studies that showcases Lighthouse’s expertise. This strategic brand application within a technically adept framework positions Lighthouse to impress and engage potential clients at first click.

Design Tribe developed a responsive website for Lighthouse, ensuring an efficient and consistent user experience across all devices. Our tailored approach to web design emphasises usability and visual clarity, particularly on mobile platforms, catering to the needs of clients searching for practical, responsive web design services.

“Design Tribe understood our vision and ideas and quickly brought them to life. The brand development exceeded our high expectations, perfectly marrying creativity with practicality. Their approach is both collaborative and flexible, accommodating the evolution of design concepts with ease and ensuring a cost-effective, bespoke, and high-quality service. We wholeheartedly recommend Design Tribe for any business looking to elevate their branding and online presence.”

Peter Grubb and Nick Beddoe, Directors

Design Tribe deftly stitched together engaging video content that amplifies Lighthouse’s brand, resonating across their website and social platforms.

We developed a distinct icon set to visually articulate Lighthouse’s diverse services, enhancing user engagement through clear, intuitive design. Additionally, a custom illustration was created, serving as a versatile visual component to enrich Lighthouse’s branding across various touchpoints, embodying their commitment to sustainability.


Rebranding Lighthouse as a beacon for the future of clean technology not only solidified their presence in the renewables sector but also propelled their brand narrative into a dynamic visual identity that resonates with innovation and responsibility. The refreshed branding harmonizes precision and approachability, mirroring the meticulous nature of their planning services while fostering sustainable advancements. Since the unveiling of the new brand and website, Lighthouse has seen a significant surge in engagement, positioning them at the forefront of their industry and signaling a new era of growth and recognition in the clean-tech landscape.

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