Making an impact

Health and Care Research Wales
Cover of a report titled 'Making a difference: The impact of health and care research in Wales, October 2020' featuring a photo of a child and adult examining nature, with the Health and Care Research Wales logo in the corner.

Cardiff based Health and Care Research Wales are supported by Welsh Government to ensure that today’s scientific research makes a difference to tomorrow’s social and health care.


Brand evolution
Brand application
Graphic design


We were briefed to create an appealing and accessible bilingual report with impact, to convey the work of Wales’ health and care researchers in printed and digital formats.


Our design strategy had a dual focus: to produce a report that was both informative and visually compelling, and to align its aesthetics with the brand identity.

An open magazine spread featuring an article titled 'HAPPEN network reaches 13,000 children'. The left page displays a green sidebar with a photo and quote from the research team, while the right page includes an image of children and adults engaged in outdoor educational activities.

Typography was selected for its clarity, especially important for the bilingual content. Our font choices struck a balance between professionalism and warmth.

We integrated the brand’s visual identity throughout, incorporating elements from the logotype into a graphic device that enhanced the narrative.

We started with a contemporary layout, using clean, structured design for easy navigation of complex information.

Bold brand colours highlighted key sections, providing visual relief within dense content.

Open report spread featuring an article with the header 'Barriers to inclusion in education for young people with Type 1 diabetes'. The left page has a yellow sidebar with a case study, while the right page includes an inset photo of a child in a wheelchair with an adult in a classroom setting.
Open publication showing an article about the COVID-19 response in Wales with a large green sidebar on the left. The sidebar includes a photo of a smiling man in professional attire. The right page features highlighted quotes and text discussing pandemic strategies.


The outcome of our design strategy was a bilingual report that highlighted the transformative impact of health and care research in Wales. Making the report appealing and accessible significantly boosted the visibility of researchers’ work, engaging a wider audience, including stakeholders and the public. Through consistent brand application across printed and digital formats, we ensured the clear and impactful conveyance of complex scientific information.

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