Qualified for the future

Qualifications Wales
Vibrant graphic banner showing a stylized cityscape with various elements representing innovation and community. Features include a rocket launch, people using technology, a globe, and icons of financial growth and communication, all set against a dark blue background.

Qualifications Wales, the independent regulator for non-degree qualifications in Wales, faced challenges in engaging its diverse audience in a pivotal public consultation for new GCSEs.


Graphic design


The goal was to create a compelling brand identity that resonated with a broad audience of learners, educators, guardians and government to widely promote the consultation.


We developed branding that encompassed a range of digital and traditional media, such as websites, social media, advertising, and print materials, ensuring a cohesive and impactful presence across various audience touch points, to maximise engagement.

An open brand guidelines booklet displaying the 'Logotype white variation' on a dark blue background. The left page shows text discussing qualifications in Wales, partially rolled for a three-dimensional effect. The right page presents a white logotype for 'Qualified for the Future' with the Welsh translation 'Cymwys ar Gyfer y Dyfodol' beneath, alongside a colourful, abstract logo. The Qualifications Wales logo appears as a seal in the bottom corner.

The brand palette allows for segregation of curriculum based content, and the dynamic illustrations help to breathe life and energy into the reform engagement activity appealing to a range of ages and audiences.

Red background with overlapping circular stickers in navy blue, each featuring the slogan 'Have Your Say' in bold white letters and the bilingual 'Qualified for the Future' logo in English and Welsh.

The versatile branding could be applied to promotional items aimed at raising awareness of the campaign with key stakeholders such as teachers.

Qualified for the Future branded mugs
Man wearing Qualified for the Future branded face mask.

This custom-branded face mask for educators combined safety during pandemic challenges, whilst encouraging dialogue and awareness about public engagement.


The metrics spoke volumes – increased engagement on social channels, a surge in consultation participation on Qualifications Wales’ online platform Engagement HQ, and resounding positive feedback from key stakeholders.

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